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    Pill Hustles Powerleveling Services.


    Pill Hustle
    New Member
    New Member

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    Pill Hustles Powerleveling Services.

    Post by Pill Hustle on 1st February 2012, 11:04 am

    Pill Hustle's Powerleveling Services
    Please note that this is one of my ideas, and I would like to know by a moderator if this is okay.
    *Pill Hustle's Powerleveling Services*
    Ever wanted to raise your skill levels, or combat levels, but didn't feel like it or don't have time? Well now, for a minimal fee, I can provide powerleveling.
    YES, this does mean giving me access to your runescape account.
    NO, this does not mean your account will be unsafe/endangered.
    NO, I will not be using an autobot. ALL training will be done by my, and only me, Pill Hustle.
    For any skill level 1-20:200k
    For any skill level 20-30:200k
    For any skill level 30-40:250k
    If you would like skilled 1-40, the price will lower.
    For 1-40, price will be 500k.
    Yes, this may sound ridiculous or stupid to most.
    However, I will be putting in MY TIME to raise your levels.
    Levels dont go from 1-40 instantly,so it will take a few hours..
    YES, I am currently only powerleveling up to level 40..
    FOR NOW. If this goes well, I expect to train higher levels as well.
    I do understand most players here already have higher stats than 40, but some may not, or some may have a pure that needs made.
    If you feel your account may be unsafe, then I would suggest that you set a bank pin, and have EVERYTHING needed for training in your inventory.
    Doing this to get my reputation/name out there!
    If this is against DyceGenesis policy/rules, please remove my post or tell me so.
    Thank you.
    Payment methods/Terms:
    Upon order, customer will pay a middleman (whoever wants to middleman/hold the money while I train, trustees only)
    Upon completion of training, middleman will pay me.
    Simple, and easy.
    If this doesn't get any feedback, I shall remove post.
    Once again, just an idea...

    Edmund Foo
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    Super Member

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    Re: Pill Hustles Powerleveling Services.

    Post by Edmund Foo on 1st February 2012, 1:39 pm

    ah what i'll want to said is that that your idea are awesome!!!
    Thumbs up dude!
    Yeah by saving up most of my time irl doing confidential stuffs and activity... and to have a cool suggestion of someone helping me to train up my skillz that's cool!
    AHHH... btw yeah i'll trusted u cuz i've somehow seen u been active in the fc and yeah so i'll have faith in you that u won't lie:)!
    ahh.. btw your prize is quite reasonable but i'll suggest u to lower down the prize a little more.. cuz that would definitly attract more beginners to have a try in it!
    Private Host
    Private Host

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    Re: Pill Hustles Powerleveling Services.

    Post by 6SA on 1st February 2012, 3:59 pm

    This is a pretty good idea,
    but I think you should get a rank first
    so that you are more trusted..
    or at least like hang around more on the forums
    and gain more trust..
    your like a NEW MEMBER atm,, and like doing this
    and account sharing is like a big thing...

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    Pill Hustle
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    New Member

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    Post by Pill Hustle on 1st February 2012, 7:02 pm

    Yeah, I know :/
    Okayy, well once I get my rank up, etc.
    I will be back onto doing this..
    Corporal Host

    Corporal Host

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    Re: Pill Hustles Powerleveling Services.

    Post by Jackdekilla on 21st February 2012, 1:41 pm

    You dont need a rank, just vouches.

    Sergeant Host

    Sergeant Host

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    Re: Pill Hustles Powerleveling Services.

    Post by X3S on 21st February 2012, 6:01 pm

    This sounds great! I would like a train of agility+ thieving they are both at 20 right now I believe so i can pay maybe 500k for both. Very Happy

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    Re: Pill Hustles Powerleveling Services.

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