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    Dicing suggestion

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    Dicing suggestion Empty Dicing suggestion

    Post by shortyxboy on 4th February 2012, 4:40 am

    Hey I was wondering about the irc dicing thing. There should be a prize for rolling a certain number like numbers that do not usually show up for example pretend the numbers that do not usually show up are hmm... 5 and 7 so if they roll a 5 or a 7 they get a special prize. Also we should try to have a way of communication like buying a vent channel or other chat system. I'm not sure about the communication thing but leave some comments down below of what you think.
    Thanks for reading this and I forgot to mention I changed my name from "Shortyxxboy" to
    "SL Rice" due to my pking clan.
    Edmund Foo
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    Dicing suggestion Empty Re: Dicing suggestion

    Post by Edmund Foo on 4th February 2012, 7:03 am

    ahh yeah totally agreed with your idea!
    Hope it will be implement soon in our clan!
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    Dicing suggestion Empty Re: Dicing suggestion

    Post by 2P6 on 4th February 2012, 9:24 pm

    I did a 500k giveaway for rolling 12 or 2, shortly after BA did a roll a 2 and win a suprise item.

    Was a good day Wink we should d this again Smile

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    Dicing suggestion Empty Re: Dicing suggestion

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