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    im back - in a new life

    Extreem dyce
    Extreem dyce
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    Super Member

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    im back - in a new life

    Post by Extreem dyce on 9th February 2012, 4:28 pm

    i think many people now im yordi40 (if u didnt now u know XD)

    k so umm i wouldt like to say i was an idiot
    im gna start over
    im gna make cash
    im gna try not to bet - if i do -> lose - i wont spam ^^


    to 4m6 : i know u hate me but im gna try to earn ur respect
    im not going to discuss about the decline ...
    i hope u accept me / forgive me ...


    to ba punk : im rly sry i hurted ur clan - i was an idiot i know (now)
    as u have seen with the 2 adv -> 1 pay -- i rly wna start a new life
    btw : i dont have problemns with the 2 advs -> 1 pay as lng as i deserve some respect Very Happy


    specially for knight mihir : well lol - idk why i do this but yh to be honnest i like u rofl
    i know u dont like me ... but i like u xD


    to 2p6 : i <3 u - u refunded me when it wasnt even needed - ur such a nice person
    im very happy ur a new rank ^^

    to pika/n1h11n1-> lol : love <3 idk what to say lol ...

    to ozzboy : i know u gave me 2/3 chances i ruined them - im gna be a new person i promise ;p

    im gna be active

    i know i dont make a chance / 0.00000000000000000000000001 chance of getting a host
    but yh i wna try ^^

    i love this clan

    when i heard this clan was moving to members i feld rly bad ...
    but now ur back @ w 1 (i hope for ever ^^)


    if i forgot someone im RLY sry but il edit it later

    Sergeant Host

    Sergeant Host

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    Re: im back - in a new life

    Post by X3S on 9th February 2012, 5:35 pm

    hey yordi! Ive always liked you and was disappointed to hear that, you had left and that I was not to hire you Sad but now you are back and I am happy! Hope to see you dice more.
    Corporal Host

    Corporal Host

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    Re: im back - in a new life

    Post by Jackdekilla on 11th February 2012, 7:54 pm

    loool huge list mate Razz

    Lieutenant Host
    Lieutenant Host

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    Re: im back - in a new life

    Post by FR4 on 11th February 2012, 11:21 pm

    when i read 'n1h11n1' i just lol. what a funny name!! and for yordi: to make money u only need 1 thing, BE A GOOD GUY Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
    Edmund Foo
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    Super Member

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    Re: im back - in a new life

    Post by Edmund Foo on 12th February 2012, 4:51 am

    ah yeah welcome back btw!Smile

    Yo! supz guys its me Edmund ... u can call me as BBoyicy too ..if u like:)!
    Btw yeah if u have any problem pm me ..i will be really helpful to help!

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    Re: im back - in a new life

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