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    cedz2525 aplication


    New Member
    New Member

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    cedz2525 aplication

    Post by cedz2525 on 10th February 2012, 8:07 am

    hey guys cedz2525 here, alot of people may know me from hosting me and stuff. Razz
    Runescape In-game name (Do not give your username): cedz2525
    Timezone: AEST. GMT +11
    Total wealth (If you do get selected, I will need to see it): 80-90m+
    Interested rank: Corporal or Sargeant , whatever is needed more.
    Why should you be ranked: I am trusted, i am not hesitant to lose money, i believe i have shown my trust to many member of the fc Razz.
    Any past hosting experience: none.
    Hours of Rs playing time per day: Depends. at the moment maybe 2-3 hours a day, australia time
    The maximum bet you can take for that rank you are interested in: 45m
    Sergeant Host

    Sergeant Host

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    Re: cedz2525 aplication

    Post by X3S on 10th February 2012, 8:15 am

    I have bet this guy MANY times and tbh he is as legit as one can be! He did clean one of my acc's but i won it back Very Happy he is very rich as well and I think he would make a great host! Please make this guy host BAPunk Smile
    Sergeant Host--
    Sergeant Host--

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    Re: cedz2525 aplication

    Post by Ozzboz on 10th February 2012, 4:19 pm

    Good luck dude, I've seen you a few times and you seem trustworthy. But I don't think we need any more hosts right now as we have too many compared to betters...

    Lieutenant Host
    Lieutenant Host

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    Re: cedz2525 aplication

    Post by FR4 on 11th February 2012, 11:42 pm

    gl cedz2525. i will wait till u become a host Smile

    Edmund Foo
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    Super Member

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    Re: cedz2525 aplication

    Post by Edmund Foo on 12th February 2012, 12:50 am

    Goodluck dude!

    Yo! supz guys its me Edmund ... u can call me as BBoyicy too ..if u like:)!
    Btw yeah if u have any problem pm me ..i will be really helpful to help!

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    Re: cedz2525 aplication

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