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    lurre321's leveling service

    lurre temp
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    lurre321's leveling service Empty lurre321's leveling service

    Post by lurre temp on 26th February 2012, 4:52 pm

    First Client gets 25% off on all prices, just post on this page to make it happen!

    Hello, for those of you who dont know me, i'am lurre321. I'am short on cash and found something others have been seen doing. Leveling skills. However my service will be of more detail, dedication and speed.
    Skills I can train: Any skill you wish.

    Atttack is a skill I have trained in f2p and p2p. With an attack level of 75 I know what and how best to kill things till that level, I will offer training of attack till level 75.

    Packages include:
    1-20 attack-200k
    20-30 attack 200k
    30-40 attack 500k
    40-50 attack 750k
    50-60 attack 1000k
    60-70 attack 2000k
    70-75 attack 2250k
    The packages can stack on one another. I will offer a costume package if requested, but I will charge 100k extra for it.
    It will take anywhere from an hour to a few days to complete the assignment. Price will likely be changed higher or lower depending on difficulties etc.

    The next skill is mining. I have a level of 81 mining and have trained it in f2p and p2p very much at close to all locations. Providing with the best way to train it.

    Packages include:
    1-20 200k
    20-30 400k
    30-40 500k
    40-50 750k
    50-60 1250k
    60-65 2000k
    65-70 3000k
    70-73 3500k
    73-75 4000k
    75-76 1500k
    76-77 1750k
    77-78 2000k
    78-79 2250k
    79-80 3000k

    Packages can be modified but will cost 500k to do so.

    Fletching. I have a fletching level of 78. I have made everything till of my potential with this level and got 78 fletching in just three days, with profit. I will be training this skill till 80 as most.

    Packages include:
    1-80 7500k
    1-30 500k
    30-50 1000k
    50-60 1000k
    60-70 2000k
    70-80 2000k

    Packages can be modified with the cost of 100k

    Magic. Ny magic is level 77. I have trained it in p2p and f2p. I am comfortable with training magic as I have had a pure with 81 magic and 48 defence and one in all other stats.

    Packages include:

    1-10 (10hp training) 200k
    1-20 (normal training) 100k
    10-20 (10up training) 400k
    1-40 (normal training) 400k
    20-50 (10hp training) 1000k
    40-50 (normal training) 500k
    50-70 (10hp training) 2000k
    50-70 (normal training) 2000k
    70 and up I will only high alchemy and not combat train up or def
    70-75 1500k
    75-80 2500k

    Packages can be modified for 250k. (100k if 55 magic for high alchemy.) I can training defence as well, however for every defence level I train it costs 100k more.

    Defence. I have had three accounts with 40 defence and one in everything else. I an good with defence and my main had a 66 defence level at the moment. It will cost 100k more to modify any packages.

    Packages include:

    1-40 5000k (one in all stats, might take a week)
    1-40 2000k (needs other cb levels 30+)
    40-50 1000k
    50-60 1500k
    60-65 2000k

    My farming level is 46. I have experience with Herbs, Flowers and some other farming slot (trees, mushrooms). I have a route and a profitable way of training farming that is quite good in my opinion (I plan on getting it to level 70 soon). Once again packages can be modified, but that will cost 250k more.

    Packages include:

    1-20 1000k
    20-30 1000k
    30-35 1000k
    35-40 1500k
    40-45 2000k
    45-50 2500k

    Runecrafting, once of the most annoying skills ever. I have level 55 runecrafting and I have experience with it in members and f2p (pouches, abbys ect.) As this is a very slow but very profitable skill (in the long run) people like to train it to a good level.

    1-20 500k
    20-30 1000k
    30-40 2000k
    40-45 3000k
    45-50 4000k
    50-55 5000k

    To modify one of the runecrafting packages will cost 500k.

    Slayer, my slayer is 53. I have killed a lot of things and have used slayer masters in the fairy land and in the edgeville dungeon. This skill can be requested to train during training of STR, DEF, or ATT for an extra 500k.

    Cooking, my cooking level is 70. I have only trained this in f2p and see no reason to keep training it, but its an easy 99 so many people will choose to do so. It can also be profitable.

    Packages include:
    1-30 500k
    30-50 750k
    50-60 1000k
    60-65 1000k
    65-70 1500k

    Packages can be modified for the price of 100k.

    Agility, my agility is level 46. I have trained it in some areas (pyramids, skull ball, karamja (both places). I don't like it but I'll do my best to provide the xp with swiftness.

    packages include:
    1-10 100k
    10-20 250k
    20-30 500k
    30-40 1000k
    40-45 1500k
    45-50 2000k
    50-52 500k (I will get you to, but won't enter wildy corse)

    Packages can be modified, this will cost 200k.

    thieving, my level in thieving is 52. I have trained it at market stalls, men and women, farmers and master farmers, I have also trained it very well in the guild. I will be able to do the quest leading you into the guild, but that will cost 200k.

    packages include:
    1-20 500k
    20-30 500k
    30-40 1000k
    40-50 2000k
    50-55 2500k

    packages can be modified but this will cost 250k.

    Woodcutting, I great way to make money in f2p and p2p. Its just boring as hell to level... I have 62 woodcutting.

    packages include:

    1-20 250k
    20-30 250k
    30-40 500k
    40-50 1000k
    50-55 1500k
    55-60 2000k
    60-61 250k

    Packages can be modified, but that costs 250k.

    Strength, my strength is 68. I train is a little on the side because it doesn't get me to wear new arms and stuff. But I'am rather good at knowing what to use and what to kill.

    1-20 250k
    20-30 500k
    30-40 1000k
    40-50 2000k
    50-55 2000k
    55-60 2250k
    60-65 2500k

    packages can be modified but costs 100k to do so.

    Prayer, my prayer is 48. I have trained it a little on the side after I got level 45 prayer for a task in the lumby task set. I can bury bones for you but its a little dumb cause its so easy, i have never done "real" prayer in p2p with alters ect. so i won't offer that. I will only train prayer with big bones or better.

    1-20 100k
    20-40 500k
    40-45 500k
    45-50 1000k
    50-55 1500k

    packages can be modified for the price of 100k. You can also request for me to pick up and bury bone when training str/att/def but this costs 250k more.

    Hunter, my hunting is level 26. I'am not good but I can offer what I know and will be able to do the tasks with easy and speed still.

    1-10 500k
    10-15 500k
    15-20 750k
    20-25 1000k
    25-30 1250k

    packages can be modified for price of 100k. You can request that i catch any implings that i come across this will cost 100k as well.

    Construction, my constructing level is 44, i plan to get it to 68. I know what and how to build a house and I know how to gain xp fast and in a cheap way. I can also offer to train other skills by construction and then deconstructing a mithril armour stand for example giving 50 smithing xp or something, this will cost another 100k, but the material you use will only have to be used once (one mithril set can make an infinit amount of mithril armour suit stands.). I don't know many constructions that can do this, so you will have to find it yourself.

    Packages include:
    1-20 500k
    20-30 750k
    30-40 1000k
    40-45 1500k
    45-50 2000k

    packages can be modified but that will cost 250k more.

    FIre making, my fire making is 69. I am almost 70, I have burned almost everything there is to burn till my level. I know where and how to burn logs or bones efficiently.

    Packages include:
    1-25 500k
    25-50 1000k
    50-60 1000k
    60-65 1000k
    65-70 2000k

    Modification of packages cost 100k

    This page will constantly be updated, at least if i get some clients.

    I'am a host, I am trusted as a long time member of dyce genesis. I will not scam anyone as my rank will assure you.

    I will not provide resources, if a resource is valuable, store it in your bank and borrow one so that it is safe to use and will disappear later.

    I have a right to say no to requests.

    I Will not be held responsible for future hacks on you account, it is up to you to pin and change password on your account.

    I will keep all profits, but I will pay for anything that I lose while on an account ( if I died and lose q rune full helm and shield for example, I will pay you.)

    If you can proof that I have not payed for anything that is lost and I don't already know I will pay, if not. My rank will be removed.

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    lurre321's leveling service Headof10

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    lurre321's leveling service Empty Re: lurre321's leveling service

    Post by Saif on 27th February 2012, 9:42 am

    I'll approve of this service. But be ensured that all services are AT YOUR OWN RISK and Genesis FC is not resposible for any losses.

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