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    godsofpain69 for New Host

    New Member
    New Member

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    godsofpain69 for New Host

    Post by godsofpain69 on 7th March 2012, 5:21 pm

    my rs name is:ChristmasFTW
    my time zone is: Atlanntic Daylight Time
    my country: Canada
    Age: 16
    Cash Pile:2m (embarrasing)
    Total Worth:3m (even more embarrasing) =(

    i dont really have any hosting experince hosting but i have been gambling for 2 years and i would have no trouble being the host. most hosting you need a bank to host because its them against you and that is why i love this type of gambling because the host just have to be trusted.

    Since i started playing runescape in 2005, i have experinced almost everything in runescape. when gambling started to arise a couple of years ago i got hooked right away. i gained money and lost money, but now i would like to be the host and share the rush of gambling while making a few dollars. i am an extremmly active rs member, and i am a great guy to get to know. If you made me a host i would be grateful and allways contribute to the clan. =)

    -hopefully future host

    ChristmasFTW santa santa santa santa
    Corporal Host

    Corporal Host

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    Re: godsofpain69 for New Host

    Post by Jackdekilla on 7th March 2012, 6:59 pm

    Try and get better known in the clan before applying Very Happy and I think there are some other requirements.


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    Re: godsofpain69 for New Host

    Post by Genesis on 8th March 2012, 3:07 am

    Do read the application thread to improve your chances of getting a host rank. We will contact you if you are eligible for it.

    Kind Regards,

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    Re: godsofpain69 for New Host

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