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    Genesis Dyce - Host Application - Hawthorm.


    Genesis Dyce - Host Application - Hawthorm.

    Post by Guest on 12th April 2012, 2:28 pm

    Hi all, i'd like to apply to become a host for Genesis Dyce.

    Runescape display name: Hawthorm

    Timezone: GMT

    Country: United Kingdom

    Age: 17

    Cash pile: 15m

    Total wealth: 40m

    Any past hosting experience: Breifly hosted for "Fear One" on another account, however exams got in the way so I stopped after a couple of weeks.

    Hours of Rs playing time per day: Anywhere from 3 to 9 usually. Possibly more at weekends!

    Write a paragraph on why should you be ranked here: Humans are naturally inclined to take risks, hence the appeal of gambling. I enjoy the thrill of putting your cash in the hands of fate, and where better place to do this on Runescape than become a dicing host?

    Of all the World 1 clans (World 2 is a joke), Genesis Dyce has struck me as the most friedly and approachable. Whereas clans like DHM will host fake drop parties and are only interested in your wallet, *cough* keylogs IRC *cough*, Genesis Dyce has some really friendly and approachable hosts; Griffin, Arun, and SAIF to name but a few.
    Moreover, your genuine Hide and Seeks have impressed me, giving away over 40m since I started chilling in your FC a little under a month ago. (Credit to S A I F and 7hb Very Happy)

    I hope you'll consider my application, and I look forward to racing Arun_XD in more Hide and Seeks! tongue

    Edit 1: I'm worth 50m not 40m Smile

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    A World
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    Re: Genesis Dyce - Host Application - Hawthorm.

    Post by A World on 12th April 2012, 3:30 pm

    Hi Hawthorm,
    You have a pretty good cashpile, and 3-9hour playing each day is very nice.
    I hope to see you soon in the game Very Happy

    Your loyal host,

    Re: Genesis Dyce - Host Application - Hawthorm.

    Post by Guest on 12th April 2012, 3:40 pm

    Much appreciated Ebazz, you too! alien

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    Re: Genesis Dyce - Host Application - Hawthorm.

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