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    Dy l a n Rank Application.

    Private Host
    Private Host

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    Dy l a n Rank Application.

    Post by Pirate on 13th April 2012, 8:04 am

    Runescape display name: Dy l a n
    Timezone: Eastern
    Country: USA
    Age: 18
    Cash pile: 29M
    Total wealth: 57M
    Write a paragraph on why should you be ranked here: I should be ranked in Dyce Genesis because I'm addicting to dicing. I recently lost 1.5B in #first , and i went inactive. Now I'm back and is looking for a dice clan to join. and i saw Dyce Genesis. Also im in EoP and were Sponsor by Genesis. Thats why i would like to be a rank.
    Any past hosting experience: I was a host.
    Hours of Rs playing time per day: I play all day so avg like 15?
    Earning the rank or Buying in(Instant): Buy in
    Prove you legitimacy and list it down below (Video and screenshots accepted)

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    Re: Dy l a n Rank Application.

    Post by Genesis on 13th April 2012, 8:44 am

    Accepted for buy-ins.

    Grats and welcome to hosting!

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