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    Issues about Skillcapes and Runescape "xp"

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    Issues about Skillcapes and Runescape "xp" Empty Issues about Skillcapes and Runescape "xp"

    Post by Noodlebrainz on 28th April 2012, 3:23 pm

    I will be writing this over a number of days, so replies can wait till the end.

    As you are probably aware, Jagex has introduced a unique set of capes known as the Cape of Accomplishment or the Skillcape. These capes give an indication that a person has achieved a lvl 99 in a skill that the cape depicts, so the player has achieved at least one 99.

    There are two variations: the untrimmed and the trimmed, the differences being that the trimmed has a prayer bonus as well as a trimming on the edges of the cape. Also, the trimmed variant, or version, requires at least two 99s, with one being the skill that corresponds to the skillcape desired.

    What is the reason for getting this cape? It is my belief as a Runescape player that it is "to own and wear an appealing and desirable cape, as well as a sense of achievement". Well that was the initial response from most players.

    Unfortunately over the years, a lot more players obtained at least one of these capes, and now they are currently common. Does that mean that the purposes of obtaining a skillcape has lost meaning? I would say definitely.

    For instance, when I was asked if I had any 99s, and if so "what are they?" / "what is it?"

    and after I said a skill like "Cooking."

    They would reply, "Oh, an easy skill."

    The problem is that some people may have worked hard to achieve a high lvl like lvl 99, but some people swiftly dismiss it as "can be gotten in a few days with relative ease". I understand that Jagex prioritises members over free-to-players, but I believe they should give the free players more credit.

    Free players may have to work ten times, or even twenty times harder than a member in order to achieve the same amount of xp. Again, this fact strengthens the need to justly reward hard-working free players.

    That being said, I will point out another problem with discrediting free players. The removal of the "highscores" of free players has also received a large number of negative responses. I am pretty sure you can find people on the official Runescape forums who are ranting about the same topic with the same viewpoint, that Jagex giving free players less credit is umfavourable and unjust.

    Furthermore, the introduction of bonus xp weekends and SoF, where members truly benefit from both features, further undermines the efforts of free players. This gives an even more range of thoughts on the difficulty of achieving a goal for a skill.

    From Jagex's pattern of updates, you can tell that the gap between members and free-players gets larger, in terms of sense of self-accomplishment. While leveling skills in members is in fact much easier, I truly believe that the value of hard work may be obscured as a result of Jagex's updates.

    Actually, I think this is it, but I may edit some of this at another time. Thank you for reading, and please share your thoughts on this topic. Smile

    Issues about Skillcapes and Runescape "xp" GrandExchangePlaque

    Issues about Skillcapes and Runescape "xp" Headof10

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    Issues about Skillcapes and Runescape "xp" Empty Re: Issues about Skillcapes and Runescape "xp"

    Post by Genesis on 28th April 2012, 4:23 pm

    Well, Jagex have been wooing f2p to get membership alot recently.

    Ever since investors started taking over majority of the shares in Jagex, Runescape have become more profit-driven. It is sad to see that the original spirit in which this game was created with have been diluted by money.

    With your rant above and the recent controversial introduction of the Squeal of Fortune, it is clear that Jagex have become more money-minded. And tbh, the bot nuke does hurt Jagex in a huge way seeing that the number of memberships did dropped drastically. They need to recover after shooting themselves in the foot. [I am in no way of supporting bot though, im still glad they did the bot nuke which is more in line with the game's spirit.]
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    Issues about Skillcapes and Runescape "xp" Empty Re: Issues about Skillcapes and Runescape "xp"

    Post by Guthix-shehab on 28th April 2012, 5:17 pm

    I agree with noodlebrainz, Without this fc now im a noob , I dont know anything in rs..

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    Issues about Skillcapes and Runescape "xp" Empty Re: Issues about Skillcapes and Runescape "xp"

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