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    Today's marketplace

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    Today's marketplace Empty Today's marketplace

    Post by Noodlebrainz on 29th April 2012, 2:43 am

    For this topic, I am going to say why the current marketplace is not an ideal marketplace. Please comment when I have completed.

    Everyone knows that as an attempt to cripple the effects of RWT (Real World Trading) and botting (usage of macros to gain an unfair advantage in Runescape), Jagex has made a number of updates that have universally and ultimately changed the way this game has been played.

    One of these updates include the introduction of the Grand Exchange, which totally annihilated the former Varrock West marketplace, if anyone has played Runescape before or during 2007. I going to assume that the reader knows what the Grand Exchange is, but I will explain the effect of this update in more depth.

    The Grand Exchange has completely changed the activities of the marketplace. Instead of designating trade worlds such as World 1, 2 and 3 (they still exist as trade worlds), the Grand Exchange has enabled any player from any world to make an offer and hopefully, someone else agrees to the offer. This drives face-to-face transactions almost to the point of extinction (exaggeration for effect).

    My contention is that I believe people will find a marketplace that encourages face-to-face transactions beneficial for all. As a merchant, I advocate the need to communicate to potential buyers, and hope to meet their needs in the process as well as making a profit. I do use the Grand Exchange, and I do not hate it, but a different marketing system would be better not just for the merchants, but everyone involved in the marketplace.

    Perhaps such a marketplace already exists, but from the trading worlds, I sense a lack of communication. The Grand Exchange further promotes this; making transactions possible without the need to talk to the buyer or seller about a deal (you or the other person adjusts the deal alone).

    Note: Incomplete.

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