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    1-99 cooking guide p2p and f2p

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    1-99 cooking guide p2p and f2p Empty 1-99 cooking guide p2p and f2p

    Post by Lumfridge/ondode on 6th May 2012, 4:24 pm

    hey guys, this is my 1st skill guide,i have gained 99 cooking myself, not on this way because i did it half f2p half p2p, i hope it will help. iv chosen for cooking to start with because i think its one of the most trained skills. special thanks to X3S/N1KH1L, i stared this guide because of him Very Happy
    i might make more, tell me if u need a guide and ill think about making it.
    here it comes:


    1 - 5 : Anchovies

    anchovies needed: 13
    raw anchovies price: 7
    cooked anchovies price: 13
    profit per anchovies: 6
    total profit: 78gp O.o

    5 - 10 : Herring
    herrings needed: 16
    raw herring price:93 gp
    cooked herring price:123 gp
    profit prer herring:30 gp
    total profit:480gp

    10 - 15 : Mackarel

    mackerels needed: 21
    raw mackerel price: 12
    cooked mackerel price: 18
    profit per mackerel: 6
    total profit: 126gp

    15 - 25 : Trout

    trouts needed: 78
    raw trout price: 77
    cooked trout price: 170
    profit per trout: 93
    total profit: 7254

    25 - 30 : Salmon

    salmons needed: 62
    raw salmon price:123
    cooked salmon price:191
    profit per salmon:68
    total profit:4261

    30 - 68 : Tuna

    total tuna needed: 5917
    raw tuna price:121
    cooked tuna price:181
    profit per tuna:60
    total profit: 355020

    68 - 80 : Lobster

    total lobsters needed: 11509
    raw lobster price:181
    cooked lobster price:222
    profit per lobster:41
    total profit:471869

    80-90: swordfish
    swordfish needed:24002
    raw swordfish price:310
    cooked monkfish price:315
    profit per swordfish:5
    total profit:120010

    90-94 : Monkfish

    monkfish needed:17322
    raw monkfish price: 248
    cooked monkfish price:267
    profit per monkfish:19
    total profit:329115

    94 - 99 : Shark

    Sharks needed: 24238
    raw shark price:624
    cooked shark price:776
    profit per shark:152
    total profit:36384176

    note that the profit are based on the fish you cook only. you will have less profit because you will be bruning an amount of fish too. same is for the required fish, this is only the required fish to cook, not to buy.
    f2p will come soon.1-99 cooking guide p2p and f2p Cooking_cape_(t)_equipped

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    when nothing goes right....
    Extreem dyce
    Extreem dyce
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    1-99 cooking guide p2p and f2p Empty Re: 1-99 cooking guide p2p and f2p

    Post by Extreem dyce on 6th May 2012, 5:29 pm

    cool guide !

    btw i love ur signature:

    'when nothing goes right ....
    GO LEFT ! '
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    1-99 cooking guide p2p and f2p Empty Re: 1-99 cooking guide p2p and f2p

    Post by lurre321 on 7th May 2012, 6:44 am

    I think you forgot sword fish, level 80-90 (90 monk fish won't burn with cooking gauntlets.) (level 81 swordfish don't burn with cooking gauntlets.)

    Trying to post my stats but its failing.
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    1-99 cooking guide p2p and f2p Empty Re: 1-99 cooking guide p2p and f2p

    Post by Jackdekilla on 7th May 2012, 3:57 pm

    if you have more cash do rocktails from 94-99

    1-99 cooking guide p2p and f2p E9c20p

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    1-99 cooking guide p2p and f2p Empty Re: 1-99 cooking guide p2p and f2p

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